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For move in instructions, please login to your Resident Portal here.

If you haven't yet registered click this link to register on the portal.

Frequently asked MOVE IN questions:

I want to move in before my lease start date, is this possible?
No. All arrangement and preparations have been organized and scheduled in advance to ensure that your unit will be ready for you as of the start date on your lease agreement.

I won't be able to pick up keys on my lease start date, can I have a friend or roommate pick them up for me?
Yes, however you will need to provide us with an email authorization or letter prior to them picking up the keys on your behalf.

What do I need to do before I pick up my keys?
There are a few important things that must be done before you can receive your keys.

  1. Register on our online Student Services Portal REGISTER HERE
  2. Make sure your first month's rent is paid in full. This includes any amounts that may be due from your roommates
  3. Check the utilities section on your Student Portal to make sure you have set up all utilities in your name and registered your account information with your Community Manager.
  4. If you purchased parking or it was included in your lease, make sure you have registered your car's info on line through the Student Portal.

How much is my first month's Rent?
You can check the ledger (statement) of your account by registering on our Student Portal here. Once registered you will be able to see all payments and outstanding balances on your account. REGISTER HERE

When is my first month's Rent due?
Your first month’s rent should be paid by July 15th, 2017 via electronic payment or personal check. All payments made after July 15th, 2017 must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order only. PERSONAL CHECKS AND ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER July 15th, 2017. First month rent payments received after AUGUST 1st, 2017th will be subject to a delay in the move in process. All payments must be payable to Stuho and included your full name and address of the property you are renting. Please include any bedroom information if applicable. Payments by mail can be sent to: 2905 South Vermont Ave Suite 208 Los Angeles, CA 90007.

I am having trouble registering on the Residence Service Portal, where can I find help?
For technical questions and help registering, please email Please include a screenshot of the issue that you are having trouble with for us to better assist you. If you do not know how to take a screen shot, please visit:

When registering on the Residence Service Portal, they are asking for a Registration Code, where do I find this?
All tenants were emailed a registration code, please check your email and spam from this information. If you are still having trouble please email

I need to purchase parking, how do I do this?
If you need to purchase parking prior to moving in, please email Parking may be available for purchase on move in day based on availability. It is best to arrange and secure your parking prior to moving in.

I just moved in and I need repairs done on my unit - what do I do?
Please fill out a work request under the Maintenance section of your Student Portal under the Move In category.

I would like to report items in my unit that I don’t want to be charged for upon move out, how do I do this?
Please fill out a Move In Inspection Report through your Student Portal. The link can be found under the announcements section of the home page.


The resident accounting ledger will not have your current prorated rent charge posted until the lease start date. If you have a zero balance that means the full security deposit has been paid. However, the first month's rent must be paid on or before your scheduled move in date. (See example of ledger below)

If you choose to pay on your move in date, please bring a money order or cashier’s check. Online payments can take up to 48 hours to post to your account. If paying online, please pay prior to move in.

The next rent payment will be due on September 1st and will be a prorated rent amount based on your move in date. You will be able to see the prorated rent charges on the ledger. If you have any other questions move in questions, please go to our FAQ move in page that will answer many common questions/requests.

Example below of standard ledger:

Date Description Charge Payment Balance Chg/Rec
6/27/2016 chk# p63987739 Receipt Test Applicant   2,750.00 (2,750.00) 35957
6/28/2016 Security deposit 2,750.00   0.00 25727
8/1/2016 Rent (08/2016) 1,375.00   1,375.00 26462
8/3/2016 chk# 10180002 Credit Card One Time Payment/Web   1,375.00 0.00 37618